More of you in every occasion

All of us know that we are individuals, and that within a group we are considered one. Expand that out a bit more to nations and people will say that you are Australian, American, English, Polish, you get the idea. A nation is one. So within all these communities how do we find ourselves and the place that we fit in. If you think of self, I imagine that you get a picture of something you did, a place you went on holiday or that has a lasting memory. All this is awesome, but if we only define ourselves by the past, chances are we will continue to recreate events good and bad, that keep us living life in a loop.

So how do we grow to be more of ourselves? By nature we all want to grow, to strive for something better, but is that more or the same? Lets take a look at an example; Imagine, if you will, a man going into work as a tele-sales service person, the role is to contact complete strangers and build re-pore with trust, authenticity so that those contacted will be willing to give, buy or sign a petition. We all know them, you may have even got a call from one of them today. Lets take our friend here (lets imagine his name is Bob).cartoon-car-crash     Bob turns up to work on a Monday ready for work, his mind focused on the events of the past weekend, what he plans to do with the boys on a Monday night, then he picks up the phone, with limited success, most people rejecting the product and in some way Bob. Tuesday comes and goes, same sort of day going through the motions, Friday comes, Bob has an encounter that changes everything. A car accident that destroys his car, he walks away not a scratch on him, miracle!

With this new lease on life Bob decides to change a few things, learn how to achieve more out of life and be more. Now he still needs his job right now, Bob adjusts his attitude slightly. Monday comes thoughts still somewhat on the events of the weekend, but Bob now with a high appreciation of how fragile life is he starts to believe in himself a bit more, his demeanor is more positive, a new found belief in the product has him excited and engaged to help people. Today Bob finds more success than he has before, inspired and ready to take on the world, Bob finds that a positive and passionate outlook has changed his success.

What changed? Is it just by attitude, that all the external factors in Bob’s life made him more successful. Maybe, can I suggest, with Bobs new perspective he has a desire to be more and do more with the fragile life that is his. How does this relate to you? You may not be like Bob, you’ve probably got that positive attitude, the hardworking mentality. I want to suggest to you that Bob became vulnerable, open and aware that his capacity wasn’t at 100%. We all know what we are capable of, some are scared, and some don’t know how to unlock their success. The choice Bob made was internal, it was his burning desire to have a life of significance, to use the time present-ed to him and start going after his dreams. You have the capacity to change your world and many of those around you, it only takes one decision and the will to go after it with all your might.

I believe YOU can be all you ever dreamed, start today!

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