New and upcoming events

Goal Achievers Summit

Setting goals is great, achieving goals is even better. Over the course of 10 sessions you will set and achieve a variety of challenges developed for the sole purpose of giving you the tools to go after your dreams and purpose with passion and clarity, together we will encourage, challenge and grow to become World Changers.

Marriage for Life

Do you want better sex? Maybe a wealthier lifestyle?

Marriage for life is an opportunity for married couples who want to enrich their lives together. It’s a big statement, and I know we can delivery. In this 1 day overnight training you’ll spend quality time away at a secret location. We will teach you: improved communication skills; wealth principals for families; better sex; dealing with forgiveness; expectations within a marriage; and a specific men’s and women’s session.

When you leave you’ll feel more connected, with a deeper sense of love for your spouse better. You’ll be united in common goals and a plan for living out of prosperity

Purpose for Life

This online training will illustrate strengths, passions, character to uncover your purpose in life, it could be a season or a life long commitment.

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